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Preorder Time! Briefly Buddies, by Chase Connor

A new adult, raunchy rom com with heart! Read my full review, below...

The blurb:

Being a gay teen can be difficult, but for Dustin Blanchard, it’s been pretty boring, actually. In less than twenty-four hours he’s going to graduate from high school. His parents and friends have always given him their full support and unconditional love. He’s always had plenty of friends in school, he’s attractive, always gotten good grades, and he’s headed into a new chapter of life—university after his last summer of working at a local ice cream joint. His life has been…blessed.

There’s just one thing. He’s never had a boyfriend. Never gotten laid. Never even been kissed. Well, not like that, anyway. So, life has been good, but it’s been boring. When he came out, Dustin imagined his own rom-com, teenage, coming-of-age scenario playing out, finding a boyfriend in high school, and being crowned dual Kings of the Prom.

Nothing ever works out the way he imagines, though, and he’s getting pretty tired of it.

On the night of his graduation, Dustin and his friend, Miguel, come up with a plan while sharing a few beers swiped from the neighborhood barbecue. If you can’t get laid through skill and swagger of your own, you can always turn to a professional. All you need is the internet and a device.

So, buzzed from the beers, Dustin logs onto Briefly Buddies to find the perfect guy to help him achieve his first real gay experience.

And that’s where everything really started to go wrong…

Preorder here!

My review:

Chase Connor does it again with BRIEFLY BUDDIES, the story of Dustin Blanchard and the summer after his high school graduation--with his summer job as an ice cream scooper, his loyal friends old and new, his obsessive mom and understanding dad, and his desire to get laid. Problem is, Dustin hasn't found a guy the traditional way and makes a decision that has all kinds of consequences, and changes his life.

I always love Chase Connor stories, and BB is one of my favorites. I sympathize with Dustin, who has all the right stuff, but just can't strike up a romance during his high school years. His relationship with his parents and his friends feels real and genuine, and Dustin himself has such a big heart that you can't help but root for him to get some. This steamy story also made me laugh out loud, so it's kind of like a new adult, raunchy, rom com with heart. All the best things in one entertaining book!

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