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THE WHISPERS, by Greg Howard

OH ALL THE PRETTY... JUST LOOK AT THIS COVER, FRIENDS... I'm honored to take part in the cover reveal for Greg Howard's middle grade debut, THE WHISPERS... Read on...

"Greg Howard stuns in this heartrending, mesmerizing middle grade debut about love, magic and what it means to believe in the impossible."

TITLE: The Whispers

AUTHOR: Greg Howard (links to Greg: TWITTER FACEBOOK

PUBLISHER: Putnam/Penguin Kids

GENRE: Middle Grade

PUB DATE: January 17, 2019



Eleven-year-old Riley knows a thing or two about wishes. Ever since his mom disappeared, all he's been doing is wishing: wishing for her return, wishing he'd stop wetting the bed and wishing his dad would love him again.

Finally, with the police investigation stalled and worried his mother might soon be out of time, Riley is desperate for answers. So, he turns to the Whispers, mythical wood creatures who will grant your heart’s desires if you bring them tribute. It's a story his mother used to tell him every night. He never really believed they were real until one day he hears them call to him, telling him his mother is near.

Riley is determined to find the Whispers and ask for the one thing he wants the most: his mother's return--no matter the cost--especially since he thinks a secret he’s been holding close is the reasons she's gone. This is his chance to make things right. Along with his best friend, his loyal dog and a neighbor boy with a secret of his own, Riley ventures deep into the dark woods--where all sorts of dangers lurk--to find the Whispers and, he hopes, his mother. But what he finds will change everything for Riley forever.



There once was a boy who heard the Whispers.

He heard them late in the day as the lazy sun dipped below the treetops and the woods behind his house came alive with the magic of twilight. The voices came to him so gently at first, he thought it might be the wind, or the first trickle of summer rain. But as time passed, the voices grew louder and the boy was sure they were calling his name. So he followed them.


Here's the preorder link again: THE WHISPERS

I hope you all check this one out! I cannot wait to read it!

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