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Cover Reveal! AFTER HOURS: SEDUCING THE PROFESSOR by AJ Matthews and Heather Young-Nichols

I cannot wait to read these two novellas! Look at these pretty covers and check out these sexy blurbs!

After Hours: Seducing the Professor

by AJ Matthews and Heather Young-Nichols

99 cents (U.S.) during pre-order only!

CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON LINK! Much Ado About Lu The man she desires is the one she hates.

Lucinda “Lu” Danvers is a drama teacher at Asheville College who suffers no theatrics. After surviving the trauma of an unexpected pregnancy during WWII and pushing through to become a respected member of the staff at Asheville, Lu has proved to everyone she’s the woman for the English tenure position. When she meets a handsome stranger outside the administration building, sparks fly— but he’s not here for romance. He’s here to take her position. He’s falling for the woman whose job he stole.

After scandalous rumors ruined his reputation, Max Fischer abandoned his career as a Hollywood screenwriter to teach college instead. Instantly, he finds himself attracted to— and despised by—Asheville’s drama teacher, a woman he can’t keep his eyes off of. Despite being unable to tolerate one another, Lu and Max are forced to work together on the fall production of Much Ado About Nothing… though there’s definitely something between them. Resentment only fires the flames of passion even higher, and Lu and Max can’t resist one another’s witty charms. The result is a night of passion and secrets spilled in the warmth of intimacy. Yet secrets overheard by a student scorned puts Lu and Max’s romance in jeopardy. Will their love story survive a scandal? Or will their careers… and their future together… be ruined? A sexy and humorous historical romance set in the 1950s, Much Ado About Lu is a fun romantic comedy with a hint of edgy twists and dark secrets. This mid-20th century novella will have readers swooning, laughing out loud, and falling in love with the writing of author Amelia J. Matthews. The Infatuation Equation She’s dating her professor, and she doesn’t even know it.

College student Daisy Anderson is looking for the perfect pumpkin for a class project— smoking hot teacher Reid Miller just wants to carve a jack-o- lantern with the teen brother he’s raised since childhood, in honor of the tradition their deceased father started years ago. When Daisy and Reid meet in the pumpkin patch, there’s an instant connection— and a problem. Reid teaches mathematics at the college Daisy attends. The two decide it won’t be an issue, as Daisy doesn’t take his class… until a major hurdle plants itself in the couple’s path. The majority of Daisy’s scholarship is paid for by Reid.

As news of the couple’s relationship spreads across campus, the rumors start to fly. Jealous students accuse Daisy of sleeping her way into the scholarship, while vengeful teachers resent Reid for getting involved with a student. Hijinks erupt and conundrums arise. At a small university like Asheville College, gossip can ruin a career… and a relationship. Will romance survive between a handsome professor and his sexy student girlfriend? Or will wagging tongues and nosey ne’er-do- wells part this perfect equation? A new adult contemporary romance that’s equal parts fun, funny, and full of heart, The Infatuation Equation is a cute, sweet love story packed with plenty of heat and lots of steamy scenes. Readers will enjoy this humorous and romantic tale by author Heather Young-Nichols.

So excited for these two wonderful authors! This is sure to be a great read! Hope you enjoy!

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