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New Release! WILD HORSE HEART by Katrina Ariel

Not only is it release day for my new author friend Katrina Ariel, it's also her BIRTHDAY! But first, the book...

WILD HORSE HEART: A Down-to-Earth Hollywood Romance by Katrina Ariel

With a soft belly and thick thighs, Ria isn’t Hollywood’s version of beauty. But when award-winning director Ben Crawford hears her sing, he casts her as his lead, a move that wins more of Ria’s heart than she wants to admit. Then she learns her co-star is Gregory Finn, a man she’s had a crush on for fifteen years . . . a man notorious for romancing his leading ladies and leaving them when production wraps up. Ria is sure Finn won’t want her, but their chemistry is off the charts. She guards herself against the inevitable end, but even Finn’s emotions get tangled.

When Ria’s ex jumps parole, she’s terrified he’ll go after her and her three children, blaming them for ruining his life. Security is high at the wild horse sanctuary where the movie is being filmed, and everyone is on edge. Ria’s adopted daughter clings to her stuffed blue dog, and only Gregory Finn or a game of poker can draw the ten-year-old out of her shell. For Ria, the horses are her solace, but with her heart pulled between two men and her family’s lives threatened, it will take everything she’s got to hold it together for the film.

WILD HORSE HEART is a stand-alone romantic suspense, an excerpt of which won an #ontheporch writing contest.

Here’s what one reader has said:

Wild Horse Heart is a beautiful, deep romance that keeps you pinning for all three of the leads’ happily-ever-afters until the very end, twisting your heart in two directions. The book captures the spirit, magic, and maturity of a love that can only be brought together through family, art, and horses.” –H. Singerman

Wild Horse Heart will be available on May 28th, 2017. You can read the first chapter here:

AND you can buy it on Amazon HERE!

AND... Happy Birthday Katrina!

Author Bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, a musician, a tree-hugging yogini who swears a lot, and Mama Bear to twin boys. Her writing is entertaining, empowering, and aimed at the soul. She loves making new friends on Twitter: @KatrinaAriel

I can't wait to read this one! I hope you all enjoy!

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