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Review of LEFT HANGING, New Release by Cindy Dorminy

Title: Left Hanging

Author: Cindy Dorminy

Publish Date: March 21, 2017

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


As a nurse and single mom, Darla Battle hides her loneliness behind a smile. But when she discovers that the new cute doctor everyone is talking about is her daughter’s father, she knows she needs to keep her distance from the man who abandoned her and their child, Stella.

When Theo Edwards returns to Nashville to finish his medical training, he never expects to run into Darla, a girl he spent one night with seven years ago. For reasons he can’t fathom, her attitude toward him is frosty, but he still hopes to ignite the spark they once felt.

Once Darla realizes Theo doesn’t know he’s Stella’s father, she has no idea how to tell him the truth. And the longer she waits, the more difficult it becomes. When the situation spins out of control, can the two come together for the sake of their daughter? Or is forgiveness out of reach?


I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of LEFT HANGING, provided by publisher Red Adept Publishing and author Cindy Dorminy. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet romance!

Seven years after an uncharacteristic one-night-stand in college, Theo and Darla find themselves working at the same hospital in Nashville. Theo is wiggling his way out of a bad relationship and desperately wants to reconnect with Darla. She's hesitant because, unbeknownst to Theo, he has a daughter--Darla's daughter, Stella.

This lovely book was a fun read, and a bit different than a typical contemporary romance. The back and forth between Darla and Theo as they get to know each other, the relationship Darla has with her friends, and Darla's nervousness as she works through her emotions about telling Theo about Stella, all provide layers to the story that you don't often see.

Darla's love for Stella is evident from the beginning, bursting off the page to help the reader understand why she made choices she did. Theo is a bit of a nerd, in the best way, swooning over Darla while dealing with his meddling ex-girlfriend, who doesn't seem to get that it's over between them. This isn't the sexiest of romances, but these characters tugged at my heartstrings as I rooted for them to find their happily ever after.

But besides the cute romance, LEFT HANGING is a story about friends, family, faith and futures. I highly recommend this wonderful read.



After several decades of writing medical research documents, Cindy decided to switch gears and write stories where the chances of happy endings are 100% and the side effects include satisfied sighs, permanent smiles, and a chuckle or two. She writes romance novels with a slice of humor that range from historical romance to southern fried romantic comedies. Her young adult debut novel, Tuned Into You (BookFish Books) was released in June 2016.

Cindy was born in Texas and raised in Georgia. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Kennesaw State University and her Master’s Degree from The University of Georgia. Cindy enjoys gardening, reading, bodybuilding and a whole bunch of movies. She can be overheard quoting lines from her favorite movies… a lot. But her favorite pastime is spending time with Mark, her bass playing husband, Maddie Rose, the coolest girl on the planet, and fur child Daisy Mae. She currently resides in Nashville, TN where live music can be heard everywhere, even at the grocery store.

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