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The Love Square 
Contemporary Romance 
(Limitless Publishing, January 2016)
2016 Golden Leaf Finalist- Best First Book Category
2017 International Book Awards Finalist, Fiction: Romance 

On the west coast, Nebraskan Clare Davis hates her new life managing a bookstore in LA until she meets up-and-coming movie star Dylan Barnes. Dylan can’t help enjoying her midwestern charm as he shows her the wonders of California.

On the east coast, Alex Popovich loves his carefree life as a minor league ballplayer in his hometown Brooklyn. When his best friend, gorgeous ballroom dancer-slash-office worker Jenna Stecco asks him to take that leap with her from friend to more, he bunts and lets her go.


When Jenna hooks up with Dylan, the four friends must fight their way out of the wrong corners of their love square to pair with their perfect match and find true love.



Cover TOSLB.jpg
The One She Left Behind
Contemporary Romance, Short Story
Crave Publishing, May 29, 2018

Anthony Bello never got over his best friend and first love, Ashley Filmore. But after growing up as neighbors, their life paths diverged, and they both moved on to fulfill their dreams. Anthony got married and settled in their hometown, and Ashley became a successful nature photographer, traveling the world with her husband, camera in hand. 


Now, Anthony’s divorced and Ashley’s widowed, and they have one night to reconnect at their high school reunion. After decades of missing each other, old feelings resurface with the memories, and they share a night of passion. A first chance at a second love may be within their grasp, if they can finally get their paths aligned and learn how to move on together. But to do so, one of them will have to make a life-altering sacrifice.

The Widow
Contemporary Romance, Short Story
Crave Publishing, September 25, 2018

Twenty-three-year-old Max Constantino makes a decent living and supports his mother, sister, and nephew working as the premiere male escort for Night Moves, a dating service that pays him to screw suburban housewives. During his fifth year of pleasing the wealthy ladies, his services are requested by Tessa Truett, a widowed Kindergarten teacher who hopes that Max can fill the void in her life left by her husband’s death.


Despite Tessa’s odd requests for his company every Sunday night, Max is drawn to her warm, quiet nature. As winter turns to spring, they spend time in Tessa’s yard, getting to know each other outside of the bedroom, and Max finds himself falling in love with the sweet, sad teacher. But as a male escort, what can he offer someone as perfect as Tessa?


Elle is for Love
Holiday Anthology, Novella
Release Date: November 13, 2018

Welcome to Holly Grove, Vermont, dubbed the “best little town in the country.” 

It’s going to take the residents of Holly Grove a lot more than an evergreen and a few strings of lights to pull off their famous holiday tree lighting ceremony this Christmas Eve. First of all, Mother Nature is not cooperating with her plans to dump the Blizzard of the Century as a Christmas present. Not to mention that the Mayor and Sheriff are both distracted, native Holly Grovers brought their complications back home with them, and newbies to the town are causing their own special types of ruckuses. Each resident will have to be brave, face their fears, accept changes, and embrace their pasts, to pull together and accomplish the sacred tradition of their cherished small town. 

Experience the true meaning of the holidays, fall in love, laugh, and cry in these eight novellas, each a full story on its own, with characters who pop in and out of each other’s lives. We think you'll like it here...

Maple Summer Wallace, a Novel
Women's Fiction

After learning she has only six months to live, twenty-two-year-old socialite, Maple Summer Wallace, plans to spend her remaining time hanging over a roulette table in Vegas and squandering her family’s fortune. Her plan takes a wrong turn when she finds Veronica, her twenty-year-old housekeeper and daughter of her beloved nanny, Lola, hovering over the dead body of octogenarian Randolph Brentwood, the fifth richest man in the world.

Maple has never been a warm and fuzzy type of family person, and the last thing she wants to do in her final months of life is deal with Veronica’s mess. But long ago Maple made a promise to Lola that she’d always look out for her “little sister” Veronica. Still, the stubborn Maple, hardened from her own personal loss, resists involvement until she learns that Veronica is pregnant with Lola’s grandchild, an heir to the Brentwood estate.

To make good on her promise to Lola, Maple vows to help Veronica. With the assistance of Michael, a handsome and savvy PI, they journey up and down the East Coast, dodging the authorities, a shady lawyer, a cold-hearted hit man, and the powerful widow, Mrs. Brentwood. As Maple’s bitterness about spending her last days saving Veronica dissipates and her friendship with Michael develops, she realizes that on the way to death, she’s found something she’s never had—life.

Breaking the Plan (Mill Street Series #1)
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Book 1.jpg

Oliver Stoneridge loves order and plans, especially when they’re laid out on a perfectly formatted spreadsheet. But when his girlfriend, Violet, dumps him, Oliver’s strategy for the future slips away. Desperate to win her back, he begs Taryn, his archenemy and Violet’s beauty queen roommate, for help. Taryn’s gorgeous, thinks he’s a nerd, and wouldn’t know a plan from a prom dress, but Oliver soon finds himself tangled in her web of sexy. Suddenly, Ollie’s falling for Taryn and losing track of everything he thought he wanted.

Taryn Markos knows that agreeing to help Ollie win back her best friend is a dumb idea. Not only because he’s all wrong for Violet but because the more time she spends with him, the more confused she gets. Who knew Nerdilicious himself could challenge her with a single look, even from underneath those unruly eyebrows in dire need of a tweeze? How could she have known that he would accept her and defend her when she needed it the most? Taryn’s hated Oliver for three years. Why does the sight of him now make her come alive? 

As things heat up between the frenemies, sparks begin to fly. But Ollie and Taryn know their love-hate flirtationship has to stop—before someone ends up with a broken heart.


Making the Move (Mill Street Series #2)

New Adult Contemporary Romance

With all the women in his life, the last thing Josh King thought he wanted when he arrived at New Jersey University was a girlfriend. Until he met Violet. The cute, curvy violinist with the curly, dark hair was his complete opposite, but his heart was hers from the moment he caught her smile. Too bad she was his roommate’s, and soon-to-be best friend’s, girlfriend. Now, in their senior year, Violet’s finally single and Josh has his chance to make a move. 

Josh has saved Violet Nicholson from herself so many times she’s lost count. And sure, he’s Mr. January, otherwise known as Hunkarama, in the football team’s calendar. But just because he’s steamy hot, super sweet, and intensely loyal to his family, doesn’t mean Violet should fall for him. Now that she’s unattached, Violet’s done “manplanning”—her future is finally her own. If she can figure out what she wants to do with her life, she will not let anyone stop her. Not even the man who seems to love her more than anyone’s ever had.

Friend-zoned, with graduation around the corner and their futures uncertain, one of them will have to make the move toward a real relationship, or Josh and Vi risk losing each other forever.

Love in the Aisles


Sweet, Contemporary, Small Town Romance, co-written with Heather Van Fleet

On a scale from one to ten on the epic failure charts, Charlotte Dawson’s day just passed an eleven.

The last thing Charlotte wants to do is go to the supermarket, but with a four-year-old to feed, she doesn’t have a choice. Just when she thinks she’s free and clear of marketplace drama, Charlotte finds herself in the throes of a hide-and-seek game with the nosiest woman in town. And if that wasn’t enough to add to her bad day, the hot new bag guy catches her hiding out…in the liquor section…on a Sunday in the South. But she can’t formulate the words to tell him to get lost. In fact, she can’t speak at all once she gazes into those hazel eyes.

Having been ditched at the altar by his long-term girlfriend, Hollywood sensation Ian ‘Cleary’ Tate escapes to Sunrise Valley for one reason—peace. Serving as a temporary apprentice under his stepfather at Adler’s Market is the perfect cover—nothing says redefining his life like a little manual labor. Until he runs into a problem…Charlotte Dawson, the widow of the town’s biggest hero. He in no way expected to develop a fascination with the bumbling, yet refreshing, young mom, who just so happens to have the grace of a one-legged chimpanzee.

In a series of unexpected encounters between the aisles of the supermarket and the gossip-filled streets of Sunrise Valley, Charlotte and Ian get to know one another, Georgia style—all under the watchful eyes of a group of meddling old women known as the GOLs (Gossiping Old Ladies). 

It’s not easy falling in love after heartbreak, but Ian and Charlotte have a chance at exactly that…if Ian’s secret Hollywood fame and Charlotte’s former life don’t get in the way first. 

Snowed In

Sweet, Contemporary, Holiday Romance- Coming November 9, 2020 from Champagne Books!

Emma Ballard, a retired supermodel, has been the acting CEO and face of her family’s clothing business for the past five years, living the busy corporate life in New York City. She meets the Jersey branch IT supervisor, theater-nerd Andrew Mooney, when she gets stuck in a snowstorm after an office function. 


Getting to know widower Andrew, his grumpy vet father, and his adorable six-year-old twin girls opens Emma’s heart to the possibility of having love and family in her life. Andrew’s opinion of Emma, the “viper CEO” gossiped about at the water cooler, quickly changes as he discovers Emma’s wit, intelligence, and giving heart. 


Although neither Emma nor Andrew are quite ready for a relationship and canoodling is against company policy, the holiday spirit of Manhattan is magical and contagious. As fate and Mother Nature would have it, Emma and Andrew keep finding themselves snowed in together, as they face their pasts and fall in love. 

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